Love the bow tie, Joe

Fan of the show, Joe Dixon, does a little video series called “Atheist Bible Study” and asked me to post this. His bow tie was so charming I forgave the fact the video is 15 minutes long. Well, my last podcast was over an hour and a half, so who am I to judge? You’ve got to love his enthusiasm.

Be sure to let Joe know what you think of his video, everyone!

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    Loved it :D, put it on my youtube playlist.

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    Hilarious! If you’re black is it ok to trash the Jews?

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    joe dixon

    @Herticanonymous. I’m trashing the Jewish religion. Not the JEWS. As secular Jews will happily tell you, there is a difference between being an observant Jew and being a cultural Jew.

    Anyway, it would be very strange if I’m reading the Old Testament but give a free pass to Judaism. The truth is, I’m atheist. I’m not an atheist with exceptions. But thanks for the feedback!

    And all hail, Jacob Fortin!

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