Creationist teacher will finally get the boot

If you’re a long-time reader of the site, you might remember a guy by the name of John Freshwater. I wrote about him in 2009 after he was facing dismissal for 1) teaching creationism in his science class, 2) telling his students gays are evil sinners, and 3) burning crosses in the arms of some of his students. A shittier science teacher, there is not.

Well, it finally looks like the lengthy process of firing him is almost over. After a bunch of appeals and sporadic hearings, a report issued by the state has recommended Freshwater should be fired:

“(Freshwater) persisted in his attempts to make eighth grade science what he thought it should be – an examination of accepted scientific curriculum with the discerning eye of Christian doctrine,” Shepherd wrote. “He used his classroom as a means of sowing the seeds of doubt and confusion in the minds of impressionable students as they searched for meaning in the subject of science.”

Freshwater had for years asked the school board to consider allowing a curriculum that includes arguments against evolution. Shepherd wrote that after no changes were made, Freshwater took it upon himself to hand out Christian materials and push creationism.

I can see removing shitty teachers who push their ridiculous dogma on others is going to be an uphill battle if each one takes almost 2 years to dismiss. What does a person need to do to get the boot right away if burning a cross with a electrical laboratory instrument doesn’t do it?

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    Can you believe the balls on this guy, campaigning to keep his job after this?

    Even if you ignore the whole ‘pushing his bullshit agenda in the classroom’ thing, you don’t get to burn your students with fucking electrified wire and carry on being a teacher.


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    Are you guys kidding?! I would have loved to be in this dude’s class!

    Fuck, I would have made my own little curriculum for each class and implement without fail just to see how long it would take for him to start swearing and/or become violent. As follows:

    CLASS 1, burn a single bible.

    CLASS 2, post images of two hot naked men doing the nasty over the chalk board before the teacher arrives.

    CLASS 3, burn two bibles while singing a version of the national anthem that doesn’t mention god, but rabbits instead.

    CLASS 4, in the middle of the class, stand on my chair, put on a golden crown and proclaim myself to be the next reincarnation of the Egyptian god Ra. And all should bow before me or face my horrible wrath.

    CLASS 5, burn 3 bibles while explaining, in excruciating detail, the finer workings of anal sex preparation and various uses of lubricant.

    CLASS 6, bring in a diorama (sp?) of the outside of a church depicting a wedding in procession of a woman and her lover-horse.

    CLASS 7, burn four bibles while screaming like a mad-woman that jesus texted my cell phone the previous night and told me to do it.

    And so on and so on. Haaa, yeah… I would torture this man… make him beg to leave. That’s the best way. Some friends of mine and myself were responsible for the firing/quitting of a college professor who was sexist towards all of his female students a few years back. THAT was fun.

    Hee hee, sorry this is so long.

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