Catholic School Board Chair compares LGBT group to Nazis

I’m exhausted with all the crazy bigotry and homophobia coming out of every conceivable Catholic institution. They simply refuse to accept the fact some human beings have a sexual attraction to members of the same gender. Of course, they all deny their obvious homophobia and assume it’s society that has the problem, not them. Clearly, these aren’t the kind of folks who are accustomed to accepting objective reality.

So imagine my utter disgust when I read a Catholic school in Ontario, Canada not only refused to allow a Gay-Straight Alliance club to exist on school grounds, but had one of the board chairs (an ignorant and spiteful woman named Alice Anne LeMay) compare LGBT students to Nazis:

We don’t have Nazi groups either,” she mused in an interview with Canadian LGBT publication Xtra!. “Gay-straight alliances are banned because they are not within the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

To be fair, had there been a Nazi group, they might have had more luck getting sanctioned; let’s not forget the Vatican signed an agreement with Hitler’s regime that made them the official religion of Germany. So technically speaking, I guess Nazism is more in line with the teaching of Catholicism than tolerance, compassion and understanding. is launching a campaign to put pressure on the school to allow the club to exist. With all the recent gay teen suicides, confused and isolated young men and women need the guidance, comfort and support of GSA groups now more than ever.

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    So, essentially, the Catholic School Board gets to discriminate with Ontario tax payer’s money. Great.

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    Luc Leblanc

    I think we should ban any Catholic organization to pose a value judgment on anything until they fix their pedophiles priests problem. it’s borderline insulting.

    To add to this mess, did the Vatican assisted Nazis SS to evade post-war justice?

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