Lawyers make me angry

A Portland, Oregon man identified only as G.B. has yet to see a penny of the $900,000 suit he won for being molested by Rev. Thomas Laughlin. The Church isn’t actually to blame for this: his lawyer charged him over 870k for his services, and G.B. hasn’t even received the remaining $23,000 that was left over. So basically, while this poor man tries to survive off $400 dollars a month from his disability payments, his piece of shit lawyers got away with robbing him blind.

The story of what happened is fairly complicated (so I won’t go into it), and is a testament to the fact blood sucking lawyers (no offense to fans who do this as a profession) are given far too much leeway into what they can charge and how they control settlement monies.

Some local attorneys are upset because this story will only hurt their reputation. Considering how bad it is now, I’m not sure there is anything they can do to convince us they are anything but parasites on our society, exploiting naive or powerless individuals who don’t have the same understanding of the law they do.

It seems no one cared the entire reason for the suit was for G.B. to benefit from at least some financial compensation for his terrible ordeal. Everyone was too busy trying to “get paid”. Can you have a bigger ethical “fail” moment (apart from the actual molestation, that is)?

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    Roxanne R

    I wonder if the Lawyer was a God Fearing Catholic?

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    It would be best if lawyers couldn’t have private practice, only state sponsored.

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    It seems to me a large portion of the fault should be on GB.

    I don’t really agree that the guy deserves a $900’000 payout, but if he gets that, then surely the lawyer, who works to get that settlement deserves a large chunk (according to this story, 1/3 of the settlement is a common fee for lawyers).

    He (arguably) got fucked because he was dealing with multiple lawyers, got some shitty advice, and for at least one of his lawyers he didn’t have a written agreement.

    I don’t see this as evil lawyers, i see it as stupid guy.

    Oh, and his lawyer didn’t charge him $870’000. He got a $900’000 settlement. His second lawyer took $300’000. His first lawyer (who was fired JUST before the settlement, after 2 1/2 years work) sued for his piece and eventually got $570’000 (his $300’000 cut, plus interest plus his legal fees for the suit). That’s a very different story then “Guy’s lawyer charges $870’000 for services”.

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    Men's Battle Plan

    This doesn’t make sense. How does this happen? I would have told those lawyers they will get a percentage of whatever I win. Lawyers can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

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