Hitch’s little brother is religious

This may surprise you, but it turns out Christopher Hitchens’ little brother is religious. So religious in fact he wrote a book called The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith. It’s basically a repudiation (heh) of his big bro’s book God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, and it argues religion keeps shaky civilizations from collapsing (maybe on Opposite Day) and prevents the horrors of utopianism as seen through communist regimes such as Russia and China.

The first half of the video is spent showing his accomplishment dick is just as big as his brother Christopher’s, and then around the 4 minute mark he starts talking about his conversion (“I realized one day I might be judged”), his relationship with his brother (not good, considering their father’s deathbed attempt to reconcile them), and his thoughts on atheism’s shortcomings.

It’s an interesting glance into the Hitchens family and the cool things they have all accomplished. You can read a pretty thorough breakdown of his book and the claims he makes on its wiki page. It’s a pretty good way to dust up on the newest style of attacks from religious people, aka the myth that ‘Atheism would do it worse.’

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    A journalist, author, critic and debater, Hitchens is one of those distinctly British intellectuals who seems to have read everything and forgotten nothing.

    In his columns, essays and books, in his speeches and impromptu public appearances, he is incapable of uttering or writing a boring sentence.

    His stand for free expression is courageous and exemplary. He put his life at risk to shelter Sir Salman Rushdie against Islamist death threats. And his famously pugilistic debating style co-exists with a personal graciousness that his enemies rarely acknowledge and never reciprocate.

    I’ve never heard anyone speak so clearly about the falsehoods and dangers of religion. It amazes me that what he says goes right over the heads of believers.

    Reading and listening to Christopher Hitchens has helped me emancipate myself from a geographically inherited virus of the mind, known more widely as Christianity.

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    Karl Malm

    Your summary was plenty good. The core of his faith, based upon that moment in time where he saw a good painting, recalling all the old lessons of fear from his youth… seems a quite poor argument.

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    There’s a pretty awesome debate between the two of them that can be found on iTunes U for free.

    Christopher of course mops the floor with him.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Yeah, the debates seem to illustrate who got most of the brains in the family. Poor Peter: he’ll always live in the much larger shadow of his more accomplished brother…

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    Atheism is most assuredly a Fascist society. Fascism is not religion. Fascism is a belief in the power of the state to form public policy. Atheist want this more than anything. They want to control what is taught in schools. This is just the beginning. The Atheist claims that Atheism is a lack of belief. Then if there is no belief to drive them what is there? There is commitment. Atheism is a commitment to discrimination. This is the same slippery slope that the Axis powers slid down in the 30’s. Sit down for this one people. If Atheist move to form political parties we are seeing the New Fascist. And if they use science as the backbone to implement their agenda then we are also seeing the New Nazi. The Nazi’s used science as the backbone of their systematic discrimination and disassembling of a large number of religious people. The word your looking for here is Eugenics.

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    Ryan Harkness

    This is pretty ironic, because we don’t want “to control what is taught in school”, that’s religion’s bag. We’re kinda sorta about REALITY being taught. You guys are the ones trying to get your retarded Old Testament crap shoehorned in

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    George G.

    If your name is THEANTIFASCIST, I’m guessing pretty much anything you hate gets labeled Fascist. I read his review of Snooki’s new book on Amazon.com: “Snooki = Fascist”. I’ll grant that letting the Jersey Shore kids write novels is truly a slippery slope, but not all Italians are Mussolinis dude.

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