My first pseudo-hate mail

It’s a big day, today people! I just received my first bit of pseudo-hate mail from someone who presumably perused the site and didn’t like what he saw:

no facts, just trash the other side with lies and half truths…. good job, you are a massive TOOL!

Well, if you’re going to be a tool, better be a massive one, eh? My feelings are so hurt! Who knows if I’ll ever recover…

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    Delusion permits no dissent.

    And who doesn’t like a massive tool?

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    Hey, congratulations! You’re nobody until you’re hated ;)

    Keep up the good work!

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    Luc Leblanc

    Well, looks like you are halfway there. The only thing missing is the random bible quote and the threat of hell.

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    Luc – don’t forget the passive-aggressive pseudo-graceful ‘I’ll pray for you’ tacked on the end.

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    -sniff- I’m so proud of you all!
    You need a massive tool to fix a massive problem! So…compliment excepted! eh?eh?eh?

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    he must be jealous of your massive tool.

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    Wait a minute!
    How does he know if you have a massive tool?

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    J.N. Hudson

    “No facts”

    Does that actually mean anything when it comes from people who still believe their own imaginary friend that hates all the same people that they do?

    “just trash the other side with lies and half truths…. ”

    Oh, please! This fuck wouldn’t know truth if it blew him in a dark alley.

    “good job, you are a massive TOOL!”

    Better to be a massive tool than to be saddled with this idiot’s self important delusions of mediocrity.

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    Ha! ‘No facts’, really? As opposed to who or what exactly??

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    Clint Salisbury

    I may send you hate mail for referring to Behemoth as “shitty” in the last bonus show….winky face

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    Brandon (MBP)

    But it’s not hate if it’s the truth, right. You are a massive tool.

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