I admire this woman

It takes guts to stand up to Muslims and tell them their faith is hopelessly antiquated, backward, barbaric, and a threat to our modern values. It takes even more guts to do so when you’re an Arab. That’s why I’m in total admiration of this woman. How brave is she? How many of you would be willing to say what she said, in light of the danger it presents? That’s courage, folks!

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    That was stunning! Awesome! I hope this doesn’t get her tongue cut out or beheaded.

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    Wow, I have never seen anyone speaking this clearly about the backwardness of Islam. I would have loved to see what the guy had to say after she was done.

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    Matthew Elledge

    it’s time america and the rest of the world back her up. her speech gave me chills

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    Rhiannon Bennett

    She was simply incredible! Her message was so clear and hard to argue with. I really hope she gets more exposure and opportunities to speak for others to hear

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    Yeah, cool speech, but I gotta think that Jews are more destructive than Muslims. At the very least Muslims are honest and open about their hatred of non-Muslims, whereas Jews kill, destroy, and reap misery deceptively.

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    In response to ONE, actually now that you mention it, it seems like extreme Islamists spend more time killing other Arabs than anyone else, doesn’t it?

    Then again, I think that’s the point of her speech. She wants things to change in the Arab and/or Muslim community.

    I hope she remains safe so she can continue making sense. This video is from 2006… has there been any sign of her since then?

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