This shit makes me sick

Protect children? Man, who else is fucking exhausted from this bullshit?

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    Sam Povey


    And the worse thing is we’ve still got to sort out quite a few westerner’s views on gay rights before trying to crack away at places like Nigeria. Well at least they can’t get sent to prison, even if they can’t get married.

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    Michael Peterson

    First we screw up their boundary lines then we export our crazy >_<

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    Nick Hudson

    I think it’s more insidious than simply exporting fundie bigotry, I think that the groups supporting the “jail/kill the gays” legislation in places like Uganda see it as little more than a proving ground for the theocratic “Jesus plus nothing*” policies they would impose on the US given half the chance.

    *The Family by Jeff Sharlet

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    Fuckin’ shizno, look at this suited monkey parading around and threatening people’s lives for a religion that wasn’t even originally his.

    Don’t any of these douchebags (African, Chinese, etc) realize that their families didn’t follow ‘god’s laws’ only a few short generations ago?

    Do they not get that this is a view that was forced upon their families, probably with the other option being death? That it was shoved down their throats until they choked and their original culture was destroyed?

    It baffles me, completely how these people who were once hunted and persecuted for their beliefs forget the past so fucking quickly.

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    Major props to Rachel, though. I wouldn’t have been able to do that.

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