Why do good things happen to bad people?

Alright, the video is a little long, but it’s still entertaining, and he’s right in saying the answers to this fundamentally important question are all completely inadequate. I think theists should just admit if there is a God, he/she/it is certainly not “All Loving”. A simple look at Hell would quickly demonstrate that fact. No matter how cruel the real world is (with people and animals suffering untold pain), at least eventually it’s over. But in the supposed “supernatural” realm, pain supposedly continues for eternity. This is not the action of an all loving God, but rather those of a revenge-hungry maniac. Good thing it’s all bullshit, right?

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    Loved it…kind of amusing. “oursleves” Hahaha

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    I’m amused by his rantings but his quest for originality is a failed endeavor as this is reheated leftovers of weak arguments collected throughout the 20th century. Here’s the thing, if you’re actually interested in exploring the Christian worldview (even if you’re intent is to criticize it) this video is worthless. If you want to hear some random moron ignorantly rant about things you already believe then you’ll be right at home. I’ll be more specific…

    Here are just a couple problems with him:
    1) He uses the language of morality loosely and arbitrarily. He has free-floating concepts of “good” “evil” and his judgment of what people “deserve” are arbitrary at best and arbitrary morality is not authoritative.

    2) He’s hardly searching for credible sources to his question, if he honestly wants a theistic response he would have to look at some true Christian academics not some autonomous website.

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    Isaac Mendez

    You’re welcome, Jacob Fortin. Don’t bother emailing back saying thanks for the link or anything, it’s fine… It’s fine.

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