Religious hospitals scare me

I can’t imagine the kind of terror I would experience if I was a woman and suddenly was faced with a complication in my pregnancy at a Catholic Hospital. The Church’s dogma concerning abortion is one that causes the misery and death of countless women, all because they’re convinced babies are all miracles of a male God, and conclude abortionists are worse than child molesters (you can’t rape what doesn’t exist, right?). Scientifically though, a pregnancy is similar to being invaded by a parasite, and there are often cases where the life of the mother is in imminent peril.

In 2009, St. Joseph hospital was faced with a rapidly dying pregnant woman, and they did the only thing they could do to save her: they aborted the 11 week-old fetus:

The woman who underwent the procedure is in her 20s and had a history of abnormally high blood pressure when she learned of her pregnancy. After she was admitted to the hospital with worsening symptoms, doctors determined her risk of death was nearly 100 percent.

As a consequence, they were stripped of their “Catholic” status by their local Dungeon Master Bishop, and now the hospital is not allowed to celebrate Mass and other useless religious rituals.

That’s actually great news, since it means one more hospital won’t be making any decisions based on some ancient, ridiculous dogma. The fact there are even medical facilities run by experts in nonsense is disturbing: a hospital is a place of science, not superstition. The fact the staff was punished for doing what any other medical establishment would do is telling, isn’t it?

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    ‘neccessary’ does not mean ‘good’
    It boggles my mind that some religious folk can’t seem to understand that. Bad situations are inevitable in this world and sometimes, unpleasant actions are required to make the best of it. Other examples that some conservatives have a problem with are condom distribution and needle exchange programs to help slow the spread of HIV. While it would be nice if societies didn’t have to use the programs or procedures, the consequences of not using them are typically much worse.
    I like the new site layout, btw.

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