40% of Americans are creationist idiots

Hey America, how do you know whether or not your public education system is failing? How about the fact almost half of your adult population is convinced the Earth is about as old as the Agrarian Revolution (when we went from hunters to farmers). Nice, huh? If you’re wondering what other Western country has such abysmally ignorant people, the answer is Turkey, a similarly religious country that also has a significant portion of its population swearing fealty to an anthropomorphic God.

The rest is divided into two categories: about 38% think that God directed evolution (proving only these folks know slightly less than nothing about the process). The good news (yes, there’s a slight sliver of hope) is the percentage of Americans who think Evolution has only a secular explanation went from 9% to 16%, demonstrating the hard work of smart people is starting to pay off. While it would be impossible to shift that 40% anytime soon, if we can convince the remaining 38% who aren’t completely retarded that God is merely an invention of our deluded minds and has no business in science, we’d actually be a slight majority.

Until that fucking “miracle” happens, however, you can feel proud no first world country would boast this kind of pathetically low score when it comes to scientific awareness. So if you want to be #1 at something, America, you can always take the prize of “Most Ignorant Modern Country in the World”. Congrats, y’all!

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    Look at the good side…. Belief in evolution is higher than it has ever been. Belief that sky god created us 6000 years ago in our present form is lower than it has ever been.

    The trend is moving in the right direction. That is worth celebrating.

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