O’Reilly thinks he knows something about morality

Watch Bill-Boy as he tries to weasel out of the fact his own chosen Savior has some pretty radical things to say about wealth, the distribution of money to the poor, and the sheer impossibility of the wealthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Hey, it wouldn’t be religion if it didn’t adapt itself to the needs and desires of the rich and powerful, would it?

And bringing up Mother Teresa just goes to show how poorly educated Bill is when it comes to world affairs. If he thinks she alleviated the suffering of the poor, he needs to watch “Hell’s Angel” and do a bit more research. That’s not his job of course: his job is to tell you what he thinks even before he’s had time to actually learn anything about it!

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    Paul McMeekin

    What a fuckwit! First time I’ve actually seen this guy. Heard a lot about him but the guy is a complete tool. Love the way he played the clip of Stephen Colbert, then failed to say anything which remotely related to a comeback. He obviously doesn’t get it, and I suspect neither does his audience, which leaves me still wondering why he played it! Calling O’Reilly stupid is an insult to stupid people!

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    How could you slam Mother Teresa?! Dude… she was a SAINT!!


    Wasn’t Bill-O caught with his proverbial trousers down in some sexual harassment case a while back? Not exactly somebody I want to spoon-feed me moral platitudes.

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    “America is the most generous people on earth”? Is that accurate, are there any statistics on that?

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    Jacob Fortin

    It’s true that in general, Americans give more to charitable organizations. Problem is, many of them are religious, and end up not doing much good. So their intentions are noble, but the results often aren’t

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