The gallery of religious gullibility

Do you have 2 minutes to lose and never get back? has a gallery for you: it’s 17 of the stupidest “holy apparitions”, including such gems as grilled cheese Mary and grease stain Jesus.

Truthfully it reminds you just how shitty these “holy sightings” really are. They all require quite the active imagination to begin with, and I still contend the sandwich looks a lot more like Katherine Hepburn than Mary (we know what Katherine looked like; not so much for the character of Mary). The crappiest “apparitions” are probably the Funyuns Virgin Mary (it looks glued together, honestly) and the retarded banana Jesus (looks like someone put some pen marks to complete the image). Fail.

Where’s doggy butthole savior when you need him?

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    Some of these aren’t bad, but some are really really poor, especially the sort of rainbow Mary near the end. We apes really do have a problem with seeing patterns where there isn’t any, don’t we!
    Having said that, if I make some toast which comes out saying “I am the way” then I might just start believing…

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    The funyun looks more like a snowman honestly.

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    the “face” on the fish stick reminds me of Chevy Chase.

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