Shoot Santa in the face this Christmas

Remember “Repent Armarillo“? They’re that super scary militia group that goes around harassing gays, lesbians, and anyone else who doesn’t believe in their religious nonsense. They have a new video out where they shoot an effigy of Santa Claus in an effort to get everyone to get back to the “fundamentals” of Christmas. I guess that includes using automatic weapons to feel powerful and strong. Nothing quite feels like popping off a few rounds for Jesus during the holidays, right?

These jackasses want you to bring your kids extra close to the screen so they can watch him being executed… preparation for when Repent takes it’s “spiritual warfare” to the next level perhaps?

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    Many children believe in Santa Clause and love him dearly until they grow older and learn the truth that he doesn’t exist. If parents do bring their children to see “Santa” be shot at, many children will be extremely upset by it. I know my little brother and sister would if they saw that.

    If we did the same thing that these guys did, except use Jesus instead of Santa, they would throw a huge tantrum about it. Yet they think it’s OK to do that and make children watch. Christians sicken me more and more each day.

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    lol look at his sweatshirt

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    D: Not Santa!!

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    “Let’s go out to the firin’ range, girls! I picked up this pinata of Santa Claus and we’re gonna win the war on Christmas the old-fashioned way! Woo-buddy! And put on these kick-ass t-shirts I done printed up! They can all co-exist in HELL, hee-hee! Grab ma gun!”

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    1. Santa is based partially on Odin, I think, but christians mixed some of his myth and appearance with St. Nicholas in order to entice/placate the norse “heathens”. So Santa is older than Jesus, really.

    2. I at least agree with the idea that people should donate to charity instead of giving unwanted gifts. IMO, gift giving should only be practiced by parents giving to kids (only those under 12), and between romantic couples.

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