Bam, Jesus gave you a new hip

Now I know I hate this guy, but there’s something I like about the use of the word “Bam”. It’s fallen out of favor, but I think there’s no finer word when sticking it to people. I would have gone to that poor woman and told her that I was going to take all her money, spend it on hookers, and pretend to be able to heal her with my make-believe powers. Bam!

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    Men's Battle Plan

    So you believe she wasn’t healed?

    I’m not insinuating anything because this may be completely fake. I don’t know that guy and I’m not sure if he is a scam artist or what.

    I’m just wondering what you think when you see something like this. Did she really have a ton of pain then somehow believed she was healed so the pain went away, but later, after she got home, the pain came back?

    What if someone you knew, respected and liked went to a guy like this and that person healed him? What would you think actually happened?

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    Jacob Fortin

    ^All faith healing is a scam dude. She looked like she was in pain just getting up, and I can guarantee you that she still had to go to surgery.

    Is it unusual for people of deep religious conviction to feel as though they are temporarily healed? No, not really. With the adrenaline pumping and the surreal experience, the pain can go away for a little while. But it comes back, and often people die when they stop taking medication believing they were healed.

    I don’t know anyone that I respect that would go to one of these scammers and feel healed, and if they did, I’d give them a talkin’ to.

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    The placebo effect is freakishly strong in humans, but in something so serious as to require a new hip, it’s only going to be temporary. Either this is a scam, or the next day her hip was that much worse because she was leaping around the place.

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    great audio clip, could be used creatively for a cartoon video

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    I have three points :

    1 : That’s all well and good, but whatever happened to Pebbles?

    2 : If he could take an amputee and make them instantly grow back a limb then I’d be impressed.

    3 : If Jesus cured her, then why did God make her suffer for all the time beforehand?

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    Let’s see this charlatan bring his freak show into a hospital to cure a terminally ill breast cancer patient. Oh but it’s people like me that are the problem, tearing down everything others are trying to create…

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