Another reason to despise religion

This picture was taken at a Christian funded daycare center for 2-4 year olds. My hope is that most of those kids don’t actually know how to read, since the message on this little billboard nicely summarizes everything wrong about religion. You don’t own your body: an invisible sky lord does! He paid the price and now you owe him for all eternity! It’s nothing more than slavery.

The one thing we need less of in this world are insecure kids feeling guilty of being human.

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    Riz S

    My 5-year-old has some very basic reading comprehension, but I don’t think she could ever read something like that from scratch without help. Problem is, they’d get PLENTY of help at a Christian daycare in reading what it says.. I guarantee you the 4 years old are having it drilled into their precious little heads where it will have a lasting impression.. sigh.

    So while 4 years old is a little young to be able to read, the problem isn’t the reading — it’s the values they are having verbally pounded into them by their caregivers.

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    This is so disgusting. Just… no words. Gah.

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    Andy Scott

    This is basically a socially acceptable form of child abuse.

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    You can replace “Holy Spirit” and “God” with “Pimp”

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    Is there anything in the bible that says slavery is morally wrong?
    At least this is consistent…

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    Any idea where this came from? Was this a Christian day care or a none-of-the-above facility? I’m curious if there has been anything in the media about it. If it’s the latter then the place needs some serious scrutiny right now. If it’s the former it’s still revolting in the extreme, but only marginally more understandable. And Christians dare to criticize Islam for Madrasas while they’re hanging abusive filth like this in places where child care is the focus, not indoctrination. If my child ever comes home talking this crap at such a young age not only am I switching day care providers, someone’s getting fired. Crap like this is why it pays massive dividends to research the day care you may have to put your child into from time to time.

    My child is not going to become someone else’s sheep because they want their paradise pass punched. Stuff like this is enraging, and I have really come to despise the word “honor”. It has such a violent connotation of late with Islam and family “honor killings”, to say nothing of the historical cases in which the word “honor” preceded lots of death and destruction. I notice that Christians in this country use this word a lot as well in relation to their religion. It’s the favorite of conservatives, traditionalists, and the Constitutional deification (or perhaps defecation?) faction.

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    Brandon Hilliard

    Why is this so bad? I don’t understand what the problem is here.

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