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Hey, do you have a few minutes to kill and you want to see how a terribly constructed argument works (or doesn’t)? Well, head on over to “proofthatgodexists.org” and let them blow your mind with their irrefutable logic!

Basically the site has a welcome page that wants you to chose 4 different buttons to assess your belief. Depending on what answer you give, it’ll direct you either out of the site (if you chose the “I don’t give a shit” button) or into a little page with wordplay (asking you if it’s absolutely true no absolute truths exists). Once they have your feeble mind entrapped in this idiotic word game, and you decide to click the “There is Absolute Truth”, the sale is on to get you to believe in God.

It is true that God does not need anyone, let alone this website, to prove His existence. The Bible teaches that the existence of God is so obvious that we are without excuse for denying Him. No one needs proof that God exists, I simply offer these 8 steps to the logical proof of God’s existence in addition to what you already know (and may be suppressing).

Ok, so God doesn’t need to be proven because he’s so obvious, but there are a bunch of proofs anyways. Seems like a waste of breath if that’s the case, but who am I to argue? I didn’t write the damn thing.

What’s hilarious about this site is anytime you try to disagree with it on the concept of fundamentals, it asks you a completely loaded question which basically makes your mind up for you. When you dare question the idea of absolute moral laws, you get this:

1. Molesting Children for Fun is Absolutely Morally Wrong
2. Molesting Children for Fun is not Absolutely Morally Wrong.

If you chose the second option, you’re told you in fact have no morality since you’ve evidently made a bad choice! But wait, it gets more awesome as you travel deeper. When asked if the laws that govern the Universe are material or immaterial in nature, the obvious answer (well, to us materialists anyways) produces this hilarious gem:

If you believe that laws of logic, mathematics, science, or morality are made of matter, please show me where in nature these laws are. Can you touch them, see them, smell them, hear them, or taste them? Rather than have you produce a material, physical law I will narrow down the field for you… just show me the number ’3′ somewhere in nature. Not ‘three things,’ not a written representation of the number 3 but the real physical, material number 3.

It is my hope and prayer that you come to see the futility of trying find an abstract entity in nature, and return to seek the truth, otherwise your road to this site’s proof that God exists ends here.

Is there ultimately something ironic about the fact he wants someone to produce material proof of a concept? Maybe just a little. Remember, he’s convinced already he’s right, and he’s still trying to entice you with the ultimate proof.  In a weird way, it’s the religious equivalent of a “choose your own adventure book”.

Alright, it’s getting a little long after a while, and you start to wonder what the big payoff is, after a while. Finally, it’s the end, and the author wants to blow you away with this one:

The Proof that God exists is that without Him you couldn’t prove anything.

That sounds like something a burnt out stoner would think of. Your proof is that without this improvable being, there would be nothing to prove at all? Did this fucking guy feel like a genius when he said that? I almost feel like he only had a few educated friends who weren’t willing to be honest with him and inform Blaise Pascal here this is the very definition of one of the most basic of all fallacies: a tautology. There’s literally no value to that statement at all.

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    Am I missing something here? What sort of a proof is that? It completely relies on the assumption that God is necessary – i.e. it relies on what it is trying to proof being true.

    That’s so circular as to be a dot. I think.

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    What the hell, I was shown the exit door in less than 5 seconds. That’s a shame.

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    Jacob Rawling

    “Not only can the existence of God be proven, denying the proof undermines rational thought.” That was the best line I could find from there :P

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    They don’t know the difference between scientific laws (useful approximations of physical systems) and mathematical laws (absolute, abstract, and provable), and then accused me of being inconsistent with the definitions.

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    Kyle Rivest

    “It is true that God does not need anyone, let alone this website, to prove His existence. The Bible teaches that the existence of God is so obvious that we are without excuse for denying Him.”

    Well, Champ, the Bible also says that unicorns, dragons and witches exist, so I think we’re off to a shakey start.

    However, in a roundabout way, I almost agree with that statement. The Abrahamic deity of the Bible’s existance should be so obvious that anyone able to add two and two would never question his existance. That’s not the case. At some point the dude apparently got bored with raining blood and sulphur down on those who annoyed him, or turning women into pillars of salt for disobeying his ridiculous and arbitrary rules, and now only occasionly sorta manifests himself in burnt grilled-cheese sandwiches.

    That’s not exactly obvious proof, and all the circular logic in the world won’t make it so.

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    Rebecca S Van Arnam

    Ha. Great laugh. “Sinner Ministries”. I love how on the very first page your only option is to say absolute truth exists, clicking anything else will either force you to choose that, or tell you to leave and send you to Disney.com (I thought Xians despised all the subliminal messages in some of the earlier Disney films? Hm.)

    No room to possibly question, or be slightly undecided at the beginning. Everything else I saw on there was idiotic and proved nothing without the assumption that a deity exists – which is the whole purpose of the site to begin with, to prove that a god does exist.

    The child molesting part was absolutely fantastic considering the Catholic sex abuse cases. So their own leaders have no morals and the site refuses to prove that god exists if one has no morals, so those priests are incapable of believing in a god? Did I get that right?

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    I came across this site sometime in spring this year. It really pisses me off. I honestly don’t know what else I could say about it.

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    I had to double check to see if this wasn’t a sarcastic dig at how absurd religion is….

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