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We’re doing a mailbag for the next episode of the Good Atheist podcast. So if you have questions or comments, be sure to submit them before 11:30 pm tonight!

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    Isaac Mendez

    I have recently created my own podcast, though we are still in our early days where we’re shit.

    What advice do you have for novice podcasters? And how do we evolve past the boring we-don’t-know-shit stage which you experienced yourself in your early days?

    Much much thanks.


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    Should unsuccessful atheists stay in the closet?
    Assuming  that an atheist is unsuccessful in life, should that person refrain from being outspoken about his/her atheism?
    I’ve recently heard multiple prominent atheists say that one way to improve the way in which theists view atheists is for the atheist to live a happy, successful life and point out to the theist that you’re doing it as an atheist.
    If that is a good approach, and I agree that it is, then what should the less than successful, unhappy, depressed atheist do? Should he keep his atheism to himself?

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    After going through the back episodes of the bonus show and hearing about Jacob’s encounters with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, I’ve decided to open up the door and invite them in when they come knocking.

    Do you have any advice (general or specific) for dealing with them? I think the last time I tried, I threw up too many roadblocks too quick and scared them off! I realise I’m very unlikely to deconvert them with anything I say, but if I could say something that would give them a little pause and start to ask a few questions, I’d consider that a victory.

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    Two questions:

    1. Can you tell us a little bit about your own personal journey to atheism? Were you always an atheist? Did you come out a religion? What events/books/people/thoughts lead you to reason? And how did you get inspired to do this podcast?

    2. How do you convince people that personal experience is not a valid form of evidence without it coming across as dismissive of very personal and often intense moments of their life? For example, I know a woman who claims to know that reincarnation is true b/c of an out-of-body experience she had or the common “I felt Jesus in my heart” excuse. Obviously these people experienced something very real to them — but when you say that personal experience is anecdotal it is almost as though I’m saying that one’s personal experience means nothing.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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    Jake mentioned some “on the road” type project coming up in 2011… more details please.

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    Michael Banta

    This is Michael Banta, and i just wanted to leave a comment thanking Jacob for the membership, i dont know how to express how happy i am, this is a great holidy gift in my opinion, lol. thanks again

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    Hi guys i want to ask you two questions! hope you dont mind first i wanted to know what you think about the difference between The US and Canada in terms of religiosity if you will, and why is there a difference?

    Secondly is there a bible belt equivalent in Canada?

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    Lydia Mahnesmith

    A reply to ANONYMOUS- the method of unsuccessful atheists staying in the closet is offensive and insensitive; wanting somebody to hide who they are just because they may make a group that they identify with look bad is definitely pretentious and behind our time. plus, it would make us seem like we would have something to hide that we are ashamed of.
    this idea is not a winner in my book.

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    Andy Scott

    As a Scot living in Turkey, I notice that, for the most part, there is a separation of mosque and state. How long, if ever, do you think it will take for the rest of this part of the world to follow Turkey’s example and stop whipping women for wearing trousers/ hanging them for blasphemy/ stoning them to death for adultery, all in accordance with Sharia?

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    Hi Jake
    How important do you think the fact that we are all going to die is of causing people to believe absolute nonsense with no shred of evidence? I especially point towards the care taken not to ‘offend’ God in case he puts you in hell.

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    I guess I missed the deadline but throw this in for next time.

    What are your thoughts on Public schools in Canada in regards to religion? I went to Catholic school as a child and since I’m an out Atheist I thought it’d be better to put my children in Public school but it isn’t any better in regards to Religion. Are there any laws regarding religion in Public schools in Canada or am I SOL?

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    why does the pope have immunity from the law? why isnt he subject to the same rules as everyone else? that fucker belongs in prison for aiding and abetting child molesters

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    Is Gretchen Carlson from Fox News a robot?

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    Amber Johnson

    I am wondering about the prospects of “professional atheism.” Is this a pipedream or could it be a feasible reality? I know you are still in the fledgling stages, but if someone wants to make money from their non-belief, what avenues would you suggest? There’s a question about starting podcasts. Is that what you would recommend?

    I am thinking it might be best to study and know your stuff. Then, do your best to make a big splash onto the scene in a national way. An original protest/demonstration idea and a slow news day might be all that takes (remember the koran burning?)…


    On a similar note, what do you think about the US First Amendment and the use of churches as polling places? Is this worth fighting, or is it just logistics and some atheists are just too sensitive?

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