Gay Marriage will destroy America

Gay marriage will ruin families, don’t you know? By allowing the same rights to homosexuals as their straight counter-parts, it’ll create a slippery slope where mothers and fathers will abandon their families and follow some smelly hippy around who claims to be the son of man.

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    “Marriage will mean not bringing together mothers and fathers?” So…since when was there a necessary link between marriage and children? jesus christ, shes a dumb bitch. But I’m glad that gay marriage is being brought up more frequently now, because it means its getting more attention and it’s finally showing dumbasses that there IS no logical reason to prevent gay marriage being legalized.

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    There is a UK comedian/singer called Mitch Benn who says that gay weddings are ok because all weddings are gay, even the straight ones. Just look at the flowers, the music, the arrangement!

    Seriously though, if two people who love each other want to get married then let them. Who cares if they’re straight or gay? The only things to keep in mind when it comes to sexuality are :

    1 : Everything should be consensual.
    2 : The parties involved should be of sound mind to provide consent.
    3 : The parties involved should be of adult age.

    Gay marriage satisfies all those.

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