We Stand Defeated, People

So let’s surmise this man’sĀ arguments.

  • I think God is a better explanation because I clearly don’t understand cosmic evolution.
  • The complexity of the environment is best understood by belief in an even more complex and mysterious strange force that exists outside of time and space
  • I see design everywhere, therefore a designer best explains what I see.
  • The alternative to my theory is the Universe popped out of a desert
  • Ethics and morality never existed before the Bronze Age
  • The mind can’t come from matter because that sounds less favorable to my opinion.

Irrefutable, really. I should just pack up my shit and start my new life in the service of an ever-loving man-god figure who’s sole interest in life is the absolute sheepish devotion of an ape that walks upright and takes itself way too seriously.

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    Simple question that blows apart everything he just said:

    How does assuming your god did it provide explanations that would lead to solutions to problems?

    Oh that’s right, it doesn’t.

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    Yeah. The argument that things are complex, so there must be somebody who created it, just adds more complexity to the equation.

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    fred johnson

    He summed it all up when he said “I can’t prove god”

    I would love to see this guy in court of law

    Douchebag: “well your honor I don’t have ANY evidence to support my claims at all but that is not important because of the complexity of the universe”

    Judge: Get out of my courtroom you idiot

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    Nice how he “proved” the existence of God but didn’t tell us his friends rebuttal.

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    Well, I’m convinced! Sorry, Jacob… it’s been fun, but in the face of this guy’s logic, I have no choice but to squarely present my virgin bumhole to this intelligent designer with a whipped cream arrow on my back pointing down.

    I stole that joke from Zero Punctuation, but that’s cool. As I have just become a theist thanks to this video’s irrefutable logic, I can just be forgiven!

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    The most elusive part here is that he, apparently, actually BELIEVES this, and If any of you think, for even a moment, that people such as this (whose faith is so ‘strong’ that reason and evidence are no match) can be thought to be capable of rational and reasonable discussion are wasting valuable thought processes. As most of us know, I’d wager, this man is likely a christian. Now, the MOST he could ever hope to be certain about is a deist form of a god. Now, even if we assume this much is true, this has no bearing on any current religion, let alone christianity. But, I digress; I am sure he’s been privy to the many miracles, etc., that most of the religious are apparently privy to which thus proves his religious sect must be the correct one of the multitudes. I personally prefer to believe that we are the creation of a great spaghetti monster, but I have yet to be able to prove it…

    Evidence… who needs it, anyway?

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    “I think I made a pretty good case for the existence of God.”

    No… you didn’t. You gave an opinion backed up with absolutely no evidence.

    And of course, no-one is asking for absolute, 100% definite proof of God. But even a little bit of evidence would be a start at making your case…

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    his friend should kick him in the face

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    OK, he’s a proven fool because “I-say-so” is the true default position and it’s up to him to prove otherwise.
    Also, I’m very faithful, because I don’t believe in his god. So there!

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    I know what I’m about to say isn’t reasonable and won’t get us very far, so I distance it from other arguments put forward.

    But sometimes you just want to shake these people and say “Grow up! Start thinking! Stop being so thick!”

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