Global Warming is an Anti-Christian plot!

What’s more Christian than the denial of objective reality?

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    Matt C

    Environmental Science is scaring little kids, huh, sounds very familiar to something else that I was taught as a kid.

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    I amost thought that was an elabrart Poe. The hypocrisy was to much.

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    I believe that being religious (a Christian, in this case) and ‘knowing’ do not fit well together; so, I doubt they have any idea as to what they’re even stating. Jesus, clearly, will save them from ozone depletion and runaway greenhouse effects. Let’s all hold hands and pray, and perhaps one of the gods of this universe will have mercy upon us!

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    Andrew Skegg

    It is just me, or does it seem that during many of these quotes they seem to be talking about themselves?

    “..lust for political power extends to the highest levels…”

    “.. it’s twisted views of the world …”

    “With millions falling prey to it’s spiritual deception…”

    “Deadly to human prosperity, deadly to human Deadly to human life, and deadly to human freedom…”

    “… have a long history to believing and promoting exaggerations and myths.”

    “Their false assertions are more on their own morbid pessimistic fears, not on any good science.”

    “Exaggerations, myths, and outright lies are common place …”

    “… scaring little children to achieve your political ends is reprehensible.”

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    Lydia Mahnesmith

    just substitute Christianity for environmentalism in this video.. this is INSANE.

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    die all you old pieces of shit.

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    2:35 “scaring little children to achieve your political goals is not on.” REALLY? did i just hear him say that?

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    that was one of the scariest, yet most retarded video ive seen this year. Sneaks in and steals poll position. Amazing what religion can drive people to think… and lobbyist money from energy companies

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    AJ Buwalda

    OMG… Laughable!

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    Captain, the irony sensors are off the charts, they can’t take much more!

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    Russ Wilson

    Wow…yeah, who better to explain the difference between good and bad science than middle-aged white folks who make a living peddling religion. And calling it “The Cult of the Green Dragon” was pretty clever.

    “Their false assertions are based on their morbid, pessimistic fears”?! Ever read Revelation, bub?

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    I lasted 18 seconds. “Green dragon”? “Radical environmentalism”?


    If it were a small minority of climatologists claiming the existence of global warming then it would be radical. Unfortunately it isn’t.

    Wow, these people are scary. It’s almost as though they want Armageddon…

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    Everyone they had speak was a pundit. They didn’t even get a fake scientist. I feel a little cheated.

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