My head hurts now

I know I shouldn’t watch any Fox News stuff involving everyone’s favorite airhead, but anytime I see a headline like “America declares War on Christianity”, I can’t help myself. Here’s a little piece of advice from your friendly neighbors up North: stop calling all conflicts “war”. It’s insanely dangerous rhetoric, and you devalue the meaning of the word when it comes to the “horror” of Christmas parades being renamed into something more inclusive.

You CANNOT watch this without taking periodic breaks to go look at flowers or pretty butterflies, capiche?

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    A perfect example of a theostard spouting BS.
    I find at least 5 to 7 outright lies and the broad is to blond (I know stair-E-o typing) to know better.

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    Am I correct in insinuating Jesus was born during Spring?

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    Yep, typical, the anchor tries to play it like you can’t say jesus or christmas ‘anywhere’ instead of just in public institutions. At least the author had that much straight.

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    Thomas Everett

    Here I was thinking that with all the arguing about taxes and gays in the military, we forgot all about the WAR ON CHRISTMAS. Thank Vishnu these fucktards came crawlig out of the woodwork to get everything back on track with a bunch of bullshit apochryphal stories and out right made up crap.

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    fred johnson

    This guys just found away to sell a book to millions who usually don’t read…

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    I can’t watch the video, that guy’s face is scary looking

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    wow, this gets so tiring. “Waaa” we can’t sing religious carols in public schools. What a waste of energy… don’t we have any real problems to deal with? I guess we’re not at (real) war and the economy is strong… “yeah!” 🙁

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