Westboro Church to protest Elizabeth Edward’s funeral

That vile family, the Westboros, continues its crusade to show the world just how insensitive and cruel they really are. Their next target is Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Presidential hopeful John Edwards. She died this week after fighting breast cancer for years, and because she fought hard for gay rights and had some harsh words for God following the death of her 16 year old son, the “little church that could” has decided to parade their hatred as her loved ones grieve. Class act, right?

There’s a counter-protest being organized, so if you live in Raleigh and you want to show your support in light of these tough times for the Edwards, and show they aren’t welcome, then get in touch with this guy.

The rest of us will just shake our head with disbelief. I wonder what will happen to this loony family once their pathetic, poisonous patriarch bites the dust…

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    These jackasses! They came to San Diego earlier this year to protest ComicCon and Al Gore. Saidly I could not get off work (US Navy 17 years) to counter/ laugh at them. I did post a video on my youtube channel (under the same handle as here: caveman73)

    I have actuialy been threatened with a law suit by Sherly Phelps about the video. I have e-mailed here back in forth in the past on another video I did for a fan of my channel that moved to the Kansas area the church is located in.

    I hope their protest is an utter failure and they are even more exposed for the vile pieces of shit that they are.

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    *sadly (saidly)

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    Luc Leblanc

    I think the very fact that the those lunatics have yet to be physically assaulted by anyone is a testament to human decency everywhere.

    This being said, the death of Grandpa Phelps will cause more heartache than anything else. Can you imagine the hassle it would bee to piss on his grave? So many people want to do it, the line will be monstrous.

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    when the patriarc of this family of wackos die, it would be a good idea to get together the families and friends who had to listen to their protests during the funeral of their loved ones and protest during his funeral service, so the Westboro family could taste a little of their own medicine…

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