Bonus Show topic: “What is the Nature of Existence?”

We’ll be recording a bonus show tonight on the subject of “The Nature of Existence” to continue the discussion we had on our last podcast. So if you have some thoughts, questions you want to ask, or any other comment, please feel free to post them. We’ll be reading them during the bonus show and providing our own hilarious ideas. If you aren’t a member yet, you’ll also be able to benefit from the show by simply emailing me directly. Let’s make this a good show, guys!

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    I know this is probably not what you’re looking for but I just wanted to say something which you said last pod cast that resonates strongly with me. The issue of reason, why we exist, what is our purpose? I think you said it well when you said (paraphrasing): you can ask all sorts of non-sense questions which may sound… well sound. But it does not change the fact that the question requires assumptions which a logical and free-from-dogma mind just does not need. I mean if you can’t see that purpose is a construct created by us to make life seam less meaningless, then I feel you are almost making the decision to be ignorant. It may be difficult to accept, but it is not difficult to imagine, or at least to contemplate the possibility!
    Have a good show, I look forward to listening.

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    I put this on the comments from the last podcast, but I’ll repeat my ramblings again here…

    Nature of Existence

    I make the assumption of methodological naturalism — i.e. assume that there are natural causes behind everything that occurs in the universe. I don’t think you can prove this is true, but it seems to me a reasonable and practical assumption. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to call this a belief. What do you think?

    I also think there is something that I’ll call objective reality or objective truth. That not everything is relative to the observer (i.e. if all humans disappeared today the earth would still revolve around the sun) and that in practical term certain ideas can be said to be true or false. But philosophically, it seems to me that our efforts to reach truth are more like asymptotic approaches; and that it is OK to say in practise there is no god even though philosophically I can’t prove it.

    So I guess I’d say the nature of my existence is whatever I want it to be because I’m here as a result of natural causes that have no extrinsic meaning or purpose. But this isn’t depressing, it’s pretty fucking awesome!

    The main question about the nature of existence that I have is maybe phrased as “why is there this existence rather than nothing?” and “is nothing something?” If the universe came out of nothing then it seems to me that nothing was something…

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    Here’s mine from the other post with a small extension

    I suppose I don’t quite understand the importance to pose questions like, “Why do we exist?” and “What is our purpose?” Responses will vary immensely from one person to the next. I’d like to know what’s the purpose of asking such questions in the first place. Perhaps it’s a reflection exercise – that is, a process to learn more about the upbringing and influences of the responder. As they attempt to answer the question they will inevitability draw upon sources of information that help form their worldview (family, culture, science, spirituality, etc) and explain their orientation in reality.

    Perhaps I’m the oddball, but I find my life (anecdotal evidence, I know) operates just fine without exploring questions of purpose due to the subjectivity inherent in one’s answer. But, if people want to have that conversation, be my guest. There are a lot of bottomless pit questions out there I’m sure they are a riot to discuss over some cold ones.

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