The Universe is just like a hand bag

It’s hard to quantify exactly how stupid Elisabeth Hasselbeck is. Let’s spend 2 seconds talking about the eye, and why it isn’t perfect. For starters, how many people have to wear glasses because of oblong or misshapen eyeballs? How about the fact we see upside down, and our brain literally has to flip it 180 degrees? Now the Octopus has an eye we should all be jealous of:

A unique characteristic of the cephalopod eye is its ability to rotate and maintain a constant orientation with respect to gravity. Using its statocyst, a balance organ common to many invertebrates, an octopus can always keep its slit-shaped pupils in a horizontal position. Consequently, the brain can always safely interpret visual information on the basis that the eyes are horizontally aligned, though the body may be at any angle.

Also, since when are babies “perfect”? I recall that most of the time, these screaming poop machines have deformed heads, chronic acid reflux, and are in constant pain as their little bodies sprout out. Also, their heads are so large they can often cause fatal hemorrhaging during childbirth. Fucking great design, am I right?

When the screaming hens at “The View” try to talk about evolution and religion, we all lose.

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    Alicia Trinidad

    HA! she called herself a bad Christian because she doesn’t read the bible enough. I THINK she’s a bad Christian because of the fact that she would even consider thinking evolution is true. Do u realy think GOD – in his infinite glory- would have forgotten to mention that he used evolution to make us in the bible? NO he says the opposite infact. Poof he wanted us, poof there we were. I’m so fucking tired of people molding Christianity around there own beliefs. That is why she is a bad Christian. A GOOD Christian s the one who beats his child if he talks back and oppresses his women and SLAVES!

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    Jacob Fortin

    ^ Bam, that’s pure gold, Alicia!

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    A program as insipid as the View has no business discussing this kind of thing. They should confine their topics to . . . actually, now I think about it the veiw shouldn’t discuss anything.

    Go die in an ally The View.

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    Chris Ward


    She compared designer bags to evolution.

    I love the Xtian logic of “If I don’t understand it, it’s not real”

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    I made it to 2:15 before I gave up.

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    “When the screaming hens at “The View” try to talk about evolution and religion, we all lose.”

    Yep, we all lost.

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    @chocobar I got about as far as you, haha.

    Everytime I think the human race might redeem itself, I see something like this…

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    Elizabeth is a stupid, and ignorant human being who doesn’t deserve to be put on tv spouting her ridiculous views about the world like a ‘great pair of shoes’.

    Joy is the only voice of reason on that panel of otherwise clueless middle aged women.

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    She may be stupid, but she’s fucking hot.

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    This is the same old argument as the “watches need designers” or the Ultimate Boeing 747. It’s been refuted many times (I recommend Richard Dawkin’s treatment of this in The God Delusion).

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    David Smith

    Oh, how can you be so cute and so wrong… I’m talkin’ about you, Whoopi…

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