Senator Inhofe is immature

Best line of the video: “Last time I checked, Christmas meant the birth of Jesus Christ”. Guess, unsurprisingly, you aren’t familiar with the far more ancient tradition of celebrating the winter solstice, moron. What a surprise yet another believer is completely uneducated when it comes to history. As far as Christians like Senator Inhofe are concerned, the world only really began when their Messianic Jew got hammered to a cross. The rest is inconsequential.

Also, I love how he’s blaming atheists for this one. I’ll take the credit, even if most of the work probably comes from other religionists tired of Christians forcing their God down everyone’s throats.

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    OK, so the senator says that they should be tolerant of other religion’s holidays but wants to be a Christmas Parade? By calling it a Holiday Parade they’re including the others instead focusing on only one.

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    How wonderful for Tulsa that everything is so great there that this is the most important thing Senator Inhofe has to worry about!

    “We have wars in Afghanistan and this is what our senator is spending his time on” – well grow up and admit that it doesn’t matter! If you’re a Christian just realise that ‘holiday’ means Christmas for you. I’m sure no-one else will mind!

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