Christians: “We’re not going to take this anymore!”

Christians are always feeling persecuted (it’s kind of their “thing”). If you bother to have a conversation with one and mention you think his beliefs are about as consistent with objective reality as Greek mythology, there’s no end to the huffing and puffing that will ensue. You’ll be accused of anything from intolerance to persecution. How dare you tell them their beliefs are unsubstantiated? How dare you be proud of your lack of belief in the supernatural?

Reverend Kyev Tatum of the Friendship Rock Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas has called on his obviously broke-ass parishioners to boycott public transport in protest of atheists putting up “Millions of Americans are Good Without God” ads on buses in Dallas. They seem to take offense at our message of “indifference”.

Although there are many who say they will partake in this 30 day boycott, in reality, they will probably have no choice. I mean, these people are poor, not terribly educated, and public transit is essentially their lifeblood.

Now they know how atheists feel every time we’ve had to ride a bus with one of their annoying ads on it. We acted like adults, let shit slide, and when we finally decide to grow a pair and put up our own, Christians flip out. So not only do we get to reach millions of “in the closet” atheists, we also get to expose the childishness of believers at the same time. Can you say win-win?

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    Luc Leblanc

    Well, looks like Mr. Kyev Tatum found a way to get his spotlight thanks to this publicity. This being said, if he thinks he will be re-enacting MLK’s public transportation boycott and emerge as an avenging Christian hero, I guess he’s dreaming.

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    Best atheist bus ad yet IMO

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    The Village Heathen

    The great thing is that by throwing his little bitch fit, Tatum is drawing more attention to this ad.

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    If someone wishes to boycott public transport because a perfectly reasonable opinion is being expressed then that is entirely their right.
    If someone wishes to express a perfectly reasonable opinion then that, too, is entirely their right.

    It’s just a shame that simply spreading the Atheist message is so often seen as an attack.

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    “Acknowledgement of people unlike us?! DESTROY!”

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