Pedophile priest told victims assaults weren’t against “God’s word”

Need further proof human beings use religions to justify their own sick desires and fantasies? Take Simon Antony Jacobs, in North Sydney, who was recently arrested after it became known he sexually assualted 2 boys repeatedly during the 1970’s and 80’s. One of the victims, 11 years of age at the time, confronted Jacobs during the abuse, saying the Bible seemed to take offense with the whole “man lying with another man” passage (that’s the “hate gays” one). Jacobs assured him since they weren’t trying to make babies, it was all good in the hood.

Were there any signs Jacobs may have been acting inappropriately? Well, his church shuffled him around a few times, which makes me think they knew exactly what was going on:

A spokesman for the Anglican Church said Jacobs had worked as a CEBS leader at Christ Church, St Ives, ”in various roles” from 1971 to 1981. In 1982 he moved to CEBS at St Swithuns in Pymble but left in 1984.

”The record is unclear, but at some point, possibly after leaving Pymble, a note was made that he was not to be issued with a leaders warrant, which he would have required in order to move to leadership in any CEBS group in another parish,” the spokesman said.

That doesn’t sound suspicious at all, does it? Yes, religion is truly the moral framework of society, don’t you agree?

NOTE: It says in the article that he’s being accused of “buggery“. Is that just simply sodomy? Can any of you Aussie fans clarify this for me?

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    No, buggery in Australia is just insect husbandry without a license.

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    Yep… buggery (at least here in New Zealand) is a synonym for sodomy. Here in the antipodes, we tend to use the word pretty casually; “Bugger this!”, “Oh, bugger!” or as Sir Edmund Hillary said after climbing Mt. Everest, “We knocked that bugger off!”

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    And don’t forget “go to buggery” to tell someone to piss off.
    So, buggery is apparently something you do (ie. anal sex) and a place… To “bugger” someone is to sodomize them. “bugger off” is also similar to “go to buggery”.

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    Great. Another fantastically awesome story from my home.

    The priest probably told the boys it’s not gay if the balls don’t touch.

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