I’m not a Christian: I’m a Satanist!

Did I mention I love British television?

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    Steve Pisani


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    quite a few times Karen puts them on the spot and they hedge with “lots of people believe…” but it is quite clear that both parents are fuzzily agnostic.

    There’s an episode where the gran offers them money to use as a bribe to get Karen and Jake into a school and the Mum says “that’s not how it works, you have to lie about where you live or pretend to be religious”

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    Oh look, Carisa Hendrix’s face is at the side! I thought you guys had a big fight or something. You never mentioned her or acknowledged her existence in any way after the live show you did with her a few months back.

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    Men's Battle Plan

    Help me understand the point of this video please.

    The little girl mentions that she doesn’t want to be a Christian because you have to “pray for an hour, have some milk and sleep for 3 hours”. I don’t get this.

    Then the dad says you need to respect people’s beliefs and the girl wants to know “even idiots? even people who want stab you in the eye with a pencil? even ppl that want to blow up…?”

    yes, I think you should respect the beliefs of everyone. Just because there are some crazy people that happen to believe what you believe doesn’t mean you throw out the whole belief. I’ve listened to many many atheist podcasts where atheists, who are completely insane, have called in. Do you think there are no insane idiots who are atheists?

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    I think I can help with this one.

    The point of the video is that it’s funny. Parents are bamboozled by childs logic.

    You’re reding a bit too much into a childs semi improvised sitcom lines.

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    The new site looks very cool jacob, good work :)

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    “yes, I think you should respect the beliefs of everyone.”

    Female circumcision.
    Child witches.
    Honour killing.
    Homosexuality being a capital offense.
    Religion as science.

    No, I don’t think I’m going to respect any of that.

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    Men's Battle Plan

    ^I hope you aren’t implying that these are Christian values?

    I think that a person should be respectful to everyone and not assume that because they are of a certain religion that they believe certain things. Many atheist get themselves into a frenzy because they are ignorant and don’t educate themselves on the real world. They see some people being stupid and think that all religious people are evil.

    I see it this way. Everyday I drive 1 1/2 in Atlanta traffic. I am almost certain to encounter someone who will make a mistake and almost hit me with their car or do something stupid because of the hundreds of people that are near me. Does that mean that the person is a bad driver? Does it mean all people in Atlanta are bad drivers? Should I get upset that I’ve almost been in a serious wreck? No.

    But you guys get so worked up because there are dumb people doing dumb things and you make assumptions that everyone with the label Christian or Muslim must be the same as the crazy people who you see on news.

    Relax a little bit and try not to assume that because I’m a Christian that I want to throw all homosexuals in jail, burn science books, burn witches, perform genital mutilation and kill abortion doctors.

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    To naysay generalizations by generalizing your opposition doesn’t get one very far. Sorry…

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    Ha ha ha!
    Might have to start watching the series.

    (I think a number of the replies here are taking this clip a little too seriously.)

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