TGA Podcast: Episode 115 1/2

This week, Ryan and I talk about how Kentucky is building a playland of ignorance, why Jesus is a poor moral teacher, and how a 16 year old kid is scamming desperate believers.

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    Andy Scott

    If it’s an audio thing, my iPad is only showing a “get Flash lol” message.

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    Jeannie Z

    if it’s just the single sentence, then yes, otherwise no?

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    Jacob Fortin

    Not working properly yet. Still working on it.

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    I wish (like with the mother Teresa thing) that we could just have a free thinkers tribunal and make a rational decision (based on all evidence) on whether these people were more moral than the average guy (at least of their time) and then just say: ‘sorry you cant just say they were a great moral teacher’ we have come to the conclusion they were not so great… prove otherwise. Or is this becoming more like a communist thing? Lol. Great show!

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