Atheist bus campaign heats up

My hat goes off to the CFI guys and their effort to step up our rhetoric with this new bus ad campaign set to take off in Toronto this January.

Trottier said the Centre for Inquiry raised $50,000 to pay for the 2009 ad campaign. The organization plans to raise another $50,000 to cover expenses to run the new posters.

The milder “There’s Probably No God” campaign managed to generate some controversy, so it’s hard to imagine exactly how pissed some people are going to be from this ad. I say “bring it on”. The purpose of this ad isn’t to coddle the ignorant and superstitious beliefs of people. If they want a bus ad that says “all you need to believe in something is to have faith”, they are welcome to do so.

They will hit Toronto streetcars in January, pending final approval from the Toronto Transit Commission, said Justin Trottier, national executive director of the Centre for Inquiry, an atheist organization. After the Toronto debut, the organization plans to post the ads to buses in Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Saskatoon and Montreal.

Man, I can’t wait to ride in one of these bad boys!

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    Cue to the “I am so OFFENDED!!!” Christian fundie clip in 3… 2…

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    Although I’m not a big fan of this approach to spreading the word, so to speak, I’m rather looking forward to catching a glimpse of one of these on a Vancouver bus.

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    Much prefer this to the “probably” campaign, and love the way it lumps religion in with other crazy beliefs

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    I think this amazing in every way. It hits so many targets just enough.
    I wouldn’t like to be a worshipper of Zeus after this ! ;-)

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    I’m with Mctaffity: bigfoot, ufos, and god all have the same footing in reality, and this ad really brings that fact home.

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    Men's Battle Plan

    I’m a Christian and this doesn’t offend me at all. Good for you guys! I’m glad atheists are organizing these campaigns.

    You all need to press religious people on their beliefs because we need to question why we believe what we believe.

    “So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

    “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect”

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    I’m glad Allah is also mentioned among the others.

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    As a Catholic I’m all for these bus ads. I’m even tempted to send Justin Trottier some money because we really need to have this debate. They’re right that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and we think we have that evidence in Christ. Catholic tradition teaches us that reality is much broader than the scientific method. After all, isn’t the scientific method internally contradictory? You’re relying on faith just as much as we are.

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    As a Christian, I don’t see that my beliefs are any crazier than the big bang theory or any others. I also, am not offended by the ads that are out there. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and to “preach” their beliefs to others. We as a species are not forced to believe anything. That’s one of the greatest parts of being human. We can make up our own minds. If all sides of the debate aren’t out there, how could one be sure what they believe is right for them?

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    The proof is the bible, the HOLY BIBLE, not the Book Of Mormon or anything, the Holy Bible, that’s our proof, if you want more LOOK IT UP, there is legit scinetific proof God is for real.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Maybe you didn’t notice because you were so focused on trying to get your narrow point of view across, but I REWROTE the Bible, word for word in order to make it more legible. So you could say I know more about it that your dipshit priest does, pal.

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