Kentucky Gov. announces $150 mil creationism theme park

The creation museum is apparently only the tip of the iceberg for Answers in Genesis, which is partnering with Ark Encounters LLC to create a gargantuan 500 foot “replica” of Noah’s Ark which will contain live animals, as well as a Tower of Babel, and a Middle Eastern village.

The for-profit company wants to receive a tax incentive from the state, and it sounds to me like they have good changes of getting it. If they do, it means taxpayers will be shelling out almost 40 million dollars worth of incentives to these morons.

They claim the theme park will generate roughly 250 million dollars worth of revenue, and create 900 jobs. Considering how well the Creation Museum has been doing, they might not actually be off the mark on this (ignorant rednecks still have a bit of money left it seems). Kentucky will have the distinction of having not one, but two ghastly locations where humans and animals are living in “Flintstones-like” harmony.

The folks behind this play-land of ignorance want to try and build the most authentic ark possible. I have to imagine once they actually start trying to fill it with live animals, it might be hard for people to ignore the fact it’ll be significantly overcrowded with just a few species in there. Odds are if they try to make it authentic, it won’t be very well ventilated, and it’s sure to stink like shit after just a few hours.

So nicely done, Kentucky, and for working so diligently, I award you the title of “most embarrassing state in America”. Competition is fierce, I know, but you always manage to find some way to outshine them. Congratulations!

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    Two of every species of animal by 2014? That should be doable.

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    Two of some species, seven of others… assuming they take their bible literally.

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    Look on the bright side, maybe it’ll catch fire and the animals will stampede it flat.

    That’ll actually make it more accurate, at least – it won’t fucking exist any more.

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    Magnus L

    I don’t see any problem with this. After all, there is already Disneyland…

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    I was looking at their goofy website… and it seems the ark looked more like a supertanker than a wooden ship…. riiiiiigggghhhhttt!

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    Matt H.

    wow, what a huge waste of money.

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    Dammit! Kentucky is in the top five in the nation in smoking, obesity, and unemployment; we are in the bottom five in education, adults with college degrees, and apparently logic as well.

    Our pension system has not been properly funded and is now struggling – and these fundies are getting huge tax breaks. Let them build their silly park if they want to, but tax them like everyone else.

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    So that’s where all our tax dollars are going. To fund a christian zoo…

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