How empathy works

I talk about how humans grow and become moral through experiences of empathy. I contend it’s these “motor neurons” behind this. We feel what others do (by virtue of how we are built), and so to be more moral and empathic, we need to ensure we are not completely separated from the process of communicating and interacting with one another. I’m talking to all of you Internet junkies out there watching this awesome video!

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    I’m autistic. I have no empathy.

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    I think David Hume beat these guys to this insight by about 300 years. He saw the basis for our moral concern for others as being down to ‘sympathy’ which seems to be equally plausibly what is going on here(as opposed to empathy). Hume thought we can literally feel with others their pleasure and pain and that this gave us a reason to act in the interests of others rather than purely egoistically.

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    That’s awesome except for the part where he grossly misstates the ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ bit.

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