How long can you listen to this jackass?

Today’s game is “how long can you listen to this fundamentalist sack of shit” and not:

a) pull all your hair out
b) scream in your Mr. T pillow
c) write something angry/clever in the comment section.

If you couldn’t watch the whole thing, be sure to include the time stamp. Have fun!

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    Religion of peace? Ha.

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    People like that should be removed from the country.

    You dont like our laws, our country, our (non) beliefs then piss off

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    Why do people keep giving this guy a soapbox? I know its an old video, but unless I’m mistaken, he still gets airtime. Why would any network have him on to spew his hateful message… oh thats right ratings. God bless capitalism ;P

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    Noah Sandler

    At least he’s somewhat honest. I’d rather that he declare what he believes than bullshit about a religion of peace.

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    What the hell??? How is it that people can be so deluded that they think this guy isn’t crazy?

    I’m so blow away by him I can’t even come up with a worthwhile response that is also coherent and free of rampant, enraged cussing.

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    I made it about 30 seconds to where he (paraphrasing) said that if you’re not Muslim, you’re not innocent.

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    I want to slap him in the face with a trout.

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    1:22 … Do I win?

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    Ahhh, just answer the bloody question you bearded twat!

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    Made it through the whole thing.

    He ends it by saying that he supports Osama Bin Laden and his calls for violent attacks wholeheartedly, because of their “Muslim Brotherhood.” Wtf.

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    Watched the whole thing… i have a high pain threshold. I appreciate this guy because he speaks his truth. He is a real believer in his religion and he doesn’t cover it up. He is honest and consistent.

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    I bet there are liberals out there who would say that we’re being bigoted by condeming this man’s speech becaused he is clearly an oppressed individual from an oppressed religion. This is the exact problem with Islam. It’s more of a political movement than a religion.

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    Aerick Duckhugger

    Made it all the way through but I was pretty plastered drunk at the time so it was kinda’ like someone looking on at a car wreck while in a daze.

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    Charles Hinds


    I don’t hate people because of what religion tells me. I don’t hate them from any sort of bigotry.

    I hate them because most of them are fucking stupid.

    People that believe in a book so intensely that they will kill and die for it is fucking stupid.

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    Got up to the Godwin at 2:40 ish.

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