British Christians feel marginalized

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of a million Christians crying in agony as society increasingly becomes secular and grows out of its infantile need to believe in fairy-tales. As Christmas rolls around, believers are upset it has been “re-branded” to no longer have much liturgy associated with the holiday:

Even Christmas is being “re-branded” as a secular festival because councils, politicians and businesses are “ashamed” of its true religious meaning, he said.
Lord Carey’s remarks came as he launched a national campaign to promote the right of Christians to express their beliefs in public and at work.
“This attempt to ‘air-brush’ the Christian faith out of the picture is especially obvious as Christmas approaches,” Lord Carey said. “The local council switches on ‘winter lights’ in place of Christmas decorations. Even Christmas has become something of which some are ashamed.”

Do you not feel this whole complaint is insanely ironic, considering the fact the winter solstice was hijacked by desperate Christians trying to stop this pagan holiday. Now that society has re-appropriated it and made it more inclusive, they are literally losing their shit over it.

Lord Carey was launching national “Not-Ashamed Day” today (Weds 1 Dec), under which Christians are encouraged to wear crucifixes and demonstrate their pride in their religious beliefs.

Yes, you should totally wear your crosses so that we can identify which members of society still cling in desperation to primitive myths. Just accept the possibility guys like me might just rip you a new asshole for being so superstitiously ignorant.

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    This is also a marketing scam.

    They don’t just encourage you to wear any old crucifixes, they urge Christians to wear crosses and items featuring the “Not Ashamed” logo.

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    As I am reading this post the 4thought religious shorts spot on the UK TV channel Channel 4 is on (, and features the Christian relationship councillor who was fired recently for refusing to help homosexual couples because of his religious beliefs.

    He says his rights are being attacked, that he’s just following what he has been told by God, and that he’s not homophobic, BUT …

    and that’s the frightening thing, they really believe they aren’t bigots, they really believe they are doing the right thing for the right reasons, and that the multicultural tolerant society in which we live is the problem. They don’t see the horrendous, hysterical, hypocrisy of their views, they don’t see the irony in the protestations that their rights are being impinged while they refuse to even acknowledge the rights of those they reject. They don’t realise that every time they have to qualify their “perfectly justified”, heartfelt views with a “BUT”, they’re rightfully undermining every they stand for.

    I weep for them when I see things like this, I weep for the world in which they walk, but most of all I weep for myself.

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    Andy Scott

    Marcus Brigstocke on the subject a couple of years back.

    Hope the link works, pasted in on my iPad, which sort of sucks.

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