Bill Donohue is painfully stupid

I love his insult is that atheists have been reading “too much Wikipedia”. It’s not the only place you can learn stuff. You should try actually reading some real books Bill, and then you might just realize how stupid your little “King Kong” theory is. We don’t just share a common ancestor with apes, Billy-boy: we ARE apes. I know every time you look in the mirror all you see is a fat piece of shit, but just take the time to look a little harder and even you won’t be able to deny it.

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    Ha! Still…Gotta be impressed with Bill for the conviction with which he flaunts his ignorance every. single. time. he opens his mouth.

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    Wow, Bill isn’t even good at being a Catholic. The Catholics accepted evolutionary biology back in the 1960′s and then reaffirmed that stance under John Paul II. Their only caveat (always twisting things to fit their ideas) is that the divine human soul has not evolved.

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    Bill who? He’s not even worth remembering. That goes for all imbeciles. Unfortunately he holds much sway and he’s obviously feeling defensive. From a psychoanalytic point of view, he doesn’t know what to do. What is a typical tendency of those who hold sufficient power? Overt acts of aggressiveness. He’ll be the end of himself given the time.

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    Thanks, I was looking for this clip…

    King Kong theory, ha ha, I have to laugh. That’s almost as ridiculous as the evolutionist’s theory about chimpanzees changing into humans. As much as I can recall, Piltdown Man was proven to be a hoax and there’s still no transitional fossils yet to be discovered. However, they did find something recently that looks like an ape skull and now they think it was half human half ape or something. Half and Half, hmmm.. sounds like something I put in my morning coffee. (Strange they would know the brain make-up from a fossil without ever seeing the brain).

    I know evolutionists don’t believe in Spider-Man or Batman, but ApeMan? Oh wait, That’s it.. I know what ApeMan is missing, its own song. Maybe it could go something like this…

    (intro drum beat
    trumpets, wah -wah-wah
    boom boom boom…)

    Ape-Man, Ape-Man,
    Does whatever a Ape can
    Climbs a tree, any size,
    Catches flees all the time
    Look Out! Here comes the Ape-Man.
    Is he strong? Listen bud,
    He’s got half-human half-ape blood.
    Does he eat banana bread
    Take a look overhead
    Hey, there goes the Ape-Man.

    In the chill of night
    At the scene of a vine
    Like a streak of light
    He arrives just in time.

    Ape-Man, Ape-Man
    Friendly neighbourhood Ape-Man
    Wealth and fame He’s ignored
    Action is his reward.
    To him, life is a great big bonanza
    Whenever there’s a great big banana
    You’ll find the Ape-Man.

    (hey, I’ve been called lots of names, but I can still laugh) If Silverman is saying he’s trying to get people out of churches and make them atheists, it’s only fair Christians can seek out atheists as well.

    So then, if atheists are right and there’s nothing after death, then nothing matters, since there’s nothing really to prove. However, if Christians are right and there is something after death, then there is something to prove. Why not take a chance in something instead of nothing? If you only have one hand to play, why not go all in? Through Faith, I’ve asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins. Anyone who does the same can have everything to gain. And so what, if the world ridicules you. Where will they all be in 80 years? 70 years? 50 years?

    Many may want to dismiss this, however, something deep down must be saying it is important to give life after death another thought. If you think Christians are trying to brainwash people, think also about who is telling you not to listen. Does not society have the capacity to brainwash? Since most people tend go with the crowd in life, would it not then be more difficult to be brainwashed by something the world hates.

    “…you will be hated by all nations because of me.”

    Matthew 24:9 NIV

    It’s curious how we already see our future written. Can atheists not see this unfolding as well?

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    This isn’t hatred, Daniel, it’s laughter. If we hated Christians in general, or even religious people in general, we wouldn’t find them nearly so funny.

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    Also, and sorry for the double-comment: Pascal’s Wager. Again. Seriously? How many times have we had to discredit this tired old ‘might as well believe in case it’s real’ thing?

    Firstly, Danny boy, if that’s how you’ve come to the decision to believe in a god – playing the odds – then that’s less noble faith than playing the odds as you see ‘em, and you’re still looking at ‘em wrong anyway.

    Second, if you think your god can see what you’re thinking at all times, then when you go ‘may as well act as if it’s real just in case I get punished for not doing so’ how do you think your god will like looking into your head and seeing that you’re basically going through the motions just to avoid having your arse set on fire for the rest of time? I don’t think ‘thou shalt be a weaselly kiss-ass and pay lip service to thy god without meaning a damn word of it’ is in that book. Read it cover to cover, didn’t see it in there – although since you’re big on references, I’ll happily look it up if you give me the number.

    And that’s why we find Christians funny, by the way. Same crap, over and over.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Stop trying to prove dumb points by quoting a book written by ignorant desert people, for fuck’s sake. Try formulating arguments that aren’t hinged on ancient myth books. How do you respond to a book that claims the sky is an ocean, the planet rests on pillars, and other such fucking nonsense?

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    @Daniel’s comment about Pascal’s wager.

    I think it was brilliantly put by David Mitchell that there might be a third option. I’ll simplify the situation and then introduce Mitchell’s observation with my small extension.

    Scenario 1—Life after death (must be a believer to enter)—
    + 1 Believer (Heaven!)
    - 1 Non-believer (Hell!)

    Scenario 2–Nothing after death (nothing happens)—
    0 Believer
    0 Non-believer

    Scenario 3–Life after death (*must be a non-believer to enter)—
    - 1 Believer (Hell!)
    + 1 Non-believer (Heaven!)

    *This stems from the idea that being skeptical and not siding with any one particular faith was, in fact, the true key to heaven.

    You might say the third scenario is ridiculous. But if it is, so are the first two.

    Love from Norway

    Instead of the end results only being afterlife (if you believe) and no afterlife, what about afterlife (if you DON’T believe)? Perhaps it’s all a test – to not side with one religion or another is the correct answer and instant into

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    Whoops! Appears some of my old text remained after my love note. Please pardon my error. =)

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