TGA Podcast: Episode 115

This week, we discuss conspiracy theories in classrooms, young atheists leaving churches in droves, and the latest on the ‘War on Christmas’. Man, Americans sure love the sound of the word war, don’t they?

Oh, and we also make fun of my terrible high-school grades. Don’t miss out!

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    I’m about to do something i didn’t think i’d ever do; stand up for the pope.

    I think it’s really disingenuous to downplay the pope’s statement on condoms. While an initial statement seemed to only mention male prostitutes (i didn’t read the initial statement), he later clarified that he meant anyone can use them to prevent the spread of HIV. Basically that using a condom to prevent the spread of disease was less of a sin then spreading said disease.

    While it’s far short of the church starting a condom drive in Africa, it is still a very big deal. It is one of the best things that has come out of the church in a very, very long time. I’m not suggesting we run to the streets to praise an organization that protects rapists, but i don’t think the significance of the statements should be downplayed either (which is the vibe i got the way you mentioned it). A more lax, sensible stance on condom use by the catholic church will save lives, that is a fact. This is a small first step, but an important one nonetheless.

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    I just wanted to comment on the lack of a forum in the future update and the locking down of content.

    Now, I don’t know how big the site is or how big you think it needs to be to maintain a forum, but i’m having trouble seeing how you’re going to grow the community with these changes.

    1) There really is very little “community” here. The comment section is ok, but it doesn’t work for carrying on conversations (that’s what a forum is for). A forum encourages community involvement a lot more then a comment section.

    2) When you say stuff will be locked behind a membership page, does that mean blog content (that’s a huge mistake) or what? Increasing the barrier to entry, even by something as simple as a login page, will not help grow the community.

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    The best part was the hate-filled rant about Ryan’s cat at the end… nice easter (or should I say ‘equinox’) egg =)

    As far as the forum debate goes, forums have a way of drawing in the bat-shit crazy religious folk which always makes for compelling entertainment! A lot of forums start small and rather than waiting to get more traffic to kick-start it, more traffic could come as a consequence of having a forum.

    Besides, it would be a good place for people who want to discuss particular topics that aren’t necessarily germane to the blog posts or the show. As a ‘for instance’, I’d love to start a “Tips for dealing with JoHos and/or Mormons” (something I’ve only recently started doing) thread and get other people’s take on it.

    But I may be horribly wrong. I’m not usually big on forums (they’re often full of dicks and I’ve seen a lot of elitism here and there), but I’ll happily bite the bullet if you guys put one up.

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