Louis Theroux’s documentary on the Phelps Family

Here is Louis Theroux doc: America’s Most Hated Family in it’s entirety. If you have an hour to kill, I strongly recommend watching this one.

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    I am utterly outraged at the demagoguery and clear child abuse that has been performed by the Phelps family. It is also indefensible to claim what they do, especially in the way that they do it, without basis of evidence and a clear denial of information. They have permanent horse blinders attached to their skulls. Even though I condemn almost all their views, I feel absolutely saddened that their lives couldn’t be better spent.

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    Let’s all follow an angry grandpa who wants 10% of your income! How do you argue with logic like, “not a chance, poopy pants”? It’s amazing how dumb some people can be.

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    The 21 year old girl seems like she is the only one with any sense, but is so used to the lifestyle that she is afraid to change.

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    All claims conveyed by the W.B. Baptist Church are unfounded. The Pastor appears to speak without the intention of citing sources for unfounded claims. The greatest crime is that there is no intellectual offset to their vile vehement pollution.

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    shaun mcneil

    “Anyone who has a sincere message is a prophet of God” – really, all you need is sincerity? cool

    Those signs would be great comedy if they were not for real

    “at 88 Billy Gram will soon die and split hell wide open” – Can’t wait!
    I’ve always wanted to see hell split wide open, as opposed to thin open and how the blank is one guy, billy, going to cause hell to burst? Like billy gram is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back

    I’m gonna watch something refreshing…

    I’m reminded of Nietzsche when he said “I find it necessary to wash my hands after I have come into contact with religious people”

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    Such xenophobia. I hope Fred “loses” more of his children and grandchildren. They don’t deserve such mental abuse.

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    This group tried to picket a funeral in my parent’s hometown in East Tennessee. 30,000 people showed up for the funeral and procession to the cemetery bearing their firearms. The group did not leave their hotel room, too bad it wasn’t god’s will for them to spread their message in Tennessee.

    By the way “grampy” Phelps, Billy Graham is already 92. Oops, guess your tea leaves were a little off on that one.

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    What’s really amazing about the situation is that not only did a man with (I’m assuming) functional vision fuck Shirley Phelps at least eleven times, he was excited enough while doing so to ejaculate.

    I’m not above grabbing that low-hanging fruit.

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    I’m surprised that Louis didn’t talk to anyone who had left the church. I’m also somewhat reassured in a weird kind of way that this is just the extended family of some loon, and not the widespread church that the amount of media coverage they get suggests.

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