Tim Minchin learns a valuable lesson

Some of you might already be aware Tim Minchin wrote an atheist Christmas song for a charity CD, and the proceeds went to the Salvation Army. Pharyngula wrote that he was disappointed that Tim would support such a corrupt organization, but to be fair, it looks like he was unaware the money would be going to these homophobic douchebags. Regardless, he decided not to make a big deal of it, and the whole thing would have gone unnoticed…if not for the fact the organization lambasted him, saying they did not “approve” of his message.

Even the Salvation Army itself said it was disappointed with the track, with spokesman Neil Venables saying: ‘We do not in any way support the statements made in this song.’

Minchin in return has slated his critics. On Twitter he wrote: “I gave my song for free, putting aside my philosophical objection to the Salvation Army for the sake of beneficiaries. Imbeciles…I think the Salvos are idiots. I didn’t know they would benefit from the CD, but by the time I found out I didn’t want to make too much of a fuss. So I gave my song free, then they turn around and say that they don’t agree with the sentiment of the song. Part of me is hugely outraged by what imbeciles they are, to bite the hand that feeds them and put their proselytising above charity. I won’t make this mistake again. I tweeted that if people want to buy my version of the song independently, I’ll give the proceeds away to a non-proselytising charity.”

So the lesson here is simple: don’t give to charities that can’t appreciate the generosity of others who don’t share their fanciful notions about the supernatural.

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    Shaded Spriter

    I bought the song last year and it is already in this years christmas playlist (I started listening to it on the 15th.)

    If I could afford it (I am unemployed and in debt right now.) I would buy it again just to support the secular charity.

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