Finally, a little honesty

You know how athletes are always praising God every time they use their own talents to actually win games? Well, it looks like occasionally, one of these superstitious idiots clues in to the fact that if he’s to be credited with the game winning touchdown, he might also be to blame when victory goes to the other guys. Buffalo Bills wide received Steve Johnson wasn’t exactly having the best night, dropping a ton of passes from quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick the whole night. One of those dropped passes would have won the game, but Johnson choked, and had some harsh words for his imaginary friend:

Don’t leave it up to your bearded skydaddy to win the game for you next time, dude.

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    Well, now we know where to direct complaints to the hack responsible for all this.

    I bet there’s a few people who read that and could tell him exactly how he’s meant to learn from it, too.

    Although that THX THO…for what, exactly?

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    This reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons where Mr. Burns buys the Church. After a crucifix comes loose and conks him on the head, he looks up at the sky, angrily shakes his fist and says “You’ll get yours!!”

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    wide receiver, Steve Johnson. where did the Daniel come from? you Canadians and sports

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    the next time this guy should try to train more instead of praying…I bet he’ll be a better athlete and the chances of him winning the game will increase…

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