TGA Podcast: Episode 114

This week, we talk about the controversy surrounding the latest Skepticon conference, how being agnostic could cost you dearly, and we also lambaste the UN for sliding back into homophobia.

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    Jan Schipper

    As for asylum, gay’s can apply for asylum in the netherlands if their lives are at risk in their country of origin. Not easy though with a right wing/ christian government as we’re currently suffering from.

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    Norway accepts asylum seekers who are persecuted based on sexual preference. ( I imagine the same might be true for other Scandy countries.

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    YOU help so many people MOVE! wow, you canadians move around a lot

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    While the UN might be a good idea in theory, it’s getting harder and harder to defend it lately. For one thing, how does North Korea even HAVE a fucking vote? There’s something horribly, horribly wrong with an organisation where the vote of a theocracy like Saudi Arabia or a war-torn shithole like Myanmar carries as much weight as that of Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand or other civilized countries.

    I’ve always thought Democracy was horribly over-rated. None of the candidates I vote for in National or local body elections seem to win, so I get just that little bit more jaded every election.

    p.s. I spat coffee at ‘Bone Age’… well played, Ryan!

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    You should really post the show notes on the website. They are next to useless in the lyrics section. I listen on my iphone, i can read the lyrics on the screen, but i can’t copy links to the browser so they are useless. I don’t even know where the lyrics show up on itunes so i’ll never look at them there, and even if i find them, i’m not in a browser where links are useful.

    The logical place to put them is right here, under the episode posting on the site (like Ryan mentioned when you started doing the notes…).

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