Is everyone at Pixar gay?

Pixar just released their version of “It Gets Better”. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a campaign trying to help curb gay teen suicides. It’s basically saying “high school is full of homophobic dicks you will eventually not be around anymore”.

Seriously though, how many people at Pixar are gay? Does that explain why all their movies make me bawl like a schoolgirl? (Edited to not make me sound like a submissive)

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    Joshua Murphy

    I count 35 different faces max (I probably double counted quite a few) so I’d answer the title’s question with “probably not.”

    Awesome video. Thanks for posting!

    – straight guy

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    Damn nice of them to do this! I’ve gotta say for the record that I enjoyed Rattouille and Wall-E a hell of a lot more than most of the movies that have come out ‘for adults’ in the last few years. Thumbs up to Pixar! It’d be great if a few more companies would follow suit and take such an openly pro-acceptance stance.

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    That is a LOT of gay people at one company, no matter how many people work there. It seems to me that there is some discrimination going on in their hiring practices.

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    Did you possibly mean ‘bawl’ like a schoolgirl? Somehow I can’t picture you on your back, legs… uh, nevermind. Dooon’t wanna go there.

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    damn, somebody beat me to the ‘bawl’ remark!

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    My sister-in-law works there; she’s straight. Great vid.

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    Roxanne R

    Can’t speak for Pixar, but Disney has supported gay rights for a long time. Employees can claim a same sex partner as their spouse from day one and receive all the same benefits.

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    I worked there for a few years. No, not everyone there is gay, but this video does not include all of the gay employees either. I am gay and I worked there with a friend from college who is also gay (he is still there but he is not in this video). Disney has always been gay-friendly. In an interview with Spy Magazine in 1992, Jeffery Katzenberg had announced that as many as 40% of their employees “could be gay” (meaning he didn’t know for sure).
    He was clearly exaggerating, but both places are very gay friendly. They make up for all of those places in America that aren’t.

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