Pay up, you deadbeats

Churches in the US are hurting. Not only is tithing at an all time low, now, in an effort to fill their coffers, many have decided to try and expand in hip new directions in order to make more money. A few Churches have created coffee shops and even gyms as a way of attracting new faces. Of course, with all this additional income, the much sought-after tax exemption of some churches are being contested, including one in Nashville, Tennessee that refuses to pay over 400k in taxes for their various side businesses, which includes a gym, bookstore and cafe:

The Tennessee State Board of Equalization, which decides tax exemptions for churches, contends those are commercial enterprises, so the portion of church property they occupy can be taxed.

The 2,300-member Christ Church insists that’s an outdated view of how churches operate, and those enterprises should be considered part of ministerial outreach.

What a load of bullshit. A gym is part of their “outreach”? Maybe if the gym was free and people were forced to pray with every bench press, but as it stands, it’s clearly a for-profit business. I already loath the fact these ass-clowns already get tax exemption for tricking idiots out of their hard-earned money. Now they want to open up countless side businesses and still benefit from tax exemption?

Pay your fucking bills, you deadbeat losers!

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    My first thought was “How did the clergy come to the conclusion that they have any standing on this?” Who did they talk to to get this idea? That, in itself, is a scary notion.

    But if it didn’t stop Kent Hovind (who actually stated in court that all the profit from his amusement park and merchandise belonged to God and could not be taxed) then why should it stop these charlatans?

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    Refuge in audacity. The more outrageous the claim they make, the more likely it is to be taken seriously by someone in power. Weird how that works.

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    Don’t encourage them to pray with every bench press! In my (very) brief period of bodybuilding, I noticed an overwhelming amount of juicers who loved them some Jesus. I’ve never been able to figure out quite why and the best explanation I can think of is athletes (with the occasional exception) not being the brightest crayons in the box, generally speaking.

    But if all this Church’s money belongs to God (a la Hovind’s ‘ministry’), it’s only fair for the state to hold onto it until he himself shows up in person (producing two forms of Government-issued ID and a verified signature) to claim it.

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