God loves the stupid

Is this guy drunk, or is that part of his act?

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    He always sounds like this, although he may also always be drunk.

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    even if he is drunk, he still makes some valid points.

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    if he’s really drunk, he’s more sane than the most sober religious person on the planet

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    This guy, Jim Jeffries, is one of the funniest atheist comedians around. I love the way that americans put up with him cos he is australian so he gets away with this.

    saw him last night in Bath UK, tonight im seeing him in Bristol UK!!! yep im a bit of a stalker!

    I also got engaged on stage at one of his gigs last year when he challenged me to do so as i had been with my misses for 3 years, took him by suprise i can tell you.

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    Andy Scott

    Been a Jim Jeffries fan for ages.

    This routine is even funnier than his trip to Amsterdam one.

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