Global Warming denier claims God will protect us

With the GOP back in power in the House, religious fundies are free to get appointed to important committees they are completely unqualified to run. Here we see Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) as he argues in 2009 humans have nothing to fear from climate change, as God has promised in the Bible not to destroy mankind again (except of course when he comes back down to earth to kill most of us). So what job does this idiot want? To chair the House Energy and Commerce committee, or course!

I can’t imagine a person more suited to help move America into the future with renewable energy than someone who thinks an invisible man in the sky pinky-swore not to kill us all, and will somehow fix all of our problems in the distant future. You fucking voted this idiot into office, America. Congrats!

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    John K

    This video has long been a favorite of mine because of the girl in the background who laughs when he starts quoting scripture.

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    Now I really have to watch this.

    Lets assume that he is right for a second.

    1. Global warming will not destroy everything on earth. It will make it a terrible place to live. (so god keeps his promise)

    2. God did not cause global warming man did. So just as man created nukes, man can destroy himself.

    He can’t even make it past his own logic checks.

    Why do americans elect these dingbats? Do they like electing people stupider than they are to office?

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    In other news, the recession can be beaten by planting a beanstalk and using it to steal treasure from the giant who lives in the clouds.

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    yeah… its pretty freking sad if you ask me

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    We’re all fucked… sorry world. We americans are screwing it up for the whole lot of you.

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    you can contact this moron here

    email: use 62801 as a zip code (centralia, il). otherwise it doesn’t work

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    I wish we’d stop generalizing and saying things like, “Way to go Americans” as a way of signifying discontent for certain decisions, such as electing an official. Obviously, not all Americans are at fault. There are those who voted for the opponents in that race. However, I suppose it sounds a bit weak to say, “Way to go American people who voted for that specific official!” To not painting things with broad, black and white strokes may not be as appetizing, but it’s a bit closer to reality.

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    Stainless Steel Fox

    Agreed, Dayton. I’m not blaming people like Easynuts for this bozo. I know some really smart, together Amaricans. It’s just a pity there aren’t enough of them to stop goobers like this from getting into power.

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