The Earth is an egg!

Actually, moron, humans have known the earth was round as far back as the ancient Greeks (Aristotle guessed it was the circumference of 400,000 stadiums). The guy who got it the most right was actually Eratosthenes who used simple sticks and the shadows they cast to calculate this. It wasn’t a religion that guessed the property of the Universe: it was simple science! Turns out this knowledge pre-dates your useless book of mythology.

As for the Koran claiming that salt and fresh water can’t mix; has any fucking Muslim even tested that out to discover how utterly wrong it is? That’s what you do in science: you test shit instead of just conjuring it up from your head and declaring that God willed it so.

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    Simply adding salt to fresh water when cooking a simple pasta or any dish with liquid that you add salt to season, produces salt dissolved in water…. This should be obvious to any cook even one with no education.

    I’ve heard other Muslims claim this also, disturbingly young women in a Muslim school in the UK taught this “fact” in science. I could not believe what I was hearing.

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    Jacob Fortin

    I love how the guy is amazed the authors of the Koran had knowledge about the shape of the Earth, or the fact the moon didn’t produce its own light. This fact was known by the ancient Greeks long before it was ever in the Koran. That’s religion for you: always bending the truth when it serves them.

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