TGA Podcast: Episode 113 1/2

Welcome back to another episode of the Good Atheist Bonus Podcast. This week, because we’re super mature, Episode 69 is all about sex! We discuss a gay teen in Minnesota and how his heartfelt article about suicide was taken down by his bigot school, and we also talk about all the forms of sex that Christians think are sinful. Don’t miss out!

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    ^one of the many reasons I want to be at that side of the water, particularly right f-ing now! To be honest however, other than the news and papers and the royal mint, and the soon to be bank holiday announced by the prime minister… I have heard no one actually talk about it!

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    I thought your discussion about masturbation was really interesting! I was surprised to hear you say that a lot of girls fantasize about faceless men while guys like to include pretty faces in their fantasies. I thought it was the other way round… Judging from my experience (I’m a girl) and from what female friends have told me. Maybe both sexes care more about faces than we tend to think they do.

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