Bigoted Cardinal accuses gays of discrimination

You have to love Catholics: the more they are exposed as the homophobic, sexual predator harboring bigots they are, the more they go on the offensive, accusing everyone in sight of “discriminating” against them. The Vatican knows a good offense is the best defence (blood libel and the Crusades comes to mind here), and this is just them playing the old “blame game”. It doesn’t matter that the only ones actually discriminating is the Church; this isn’t exactly an organization that gives a shit about annoying things like “the truth”. The latest outrageously ignorant shit coming out of the Catholic Church is a statement by a Cardinal that Christians are being persecuted by gays, and no, this isn’t some kind of sick joke:

Freedom of thought and expression is under threat from the gay rights movement, said Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, the retired archbishop of Bologna, in memoirs that are published on Thursday. And the result is that those people who disagreed with the homosexual agenda are being ostracised by society, he said.

Is it still permitted … to be faithful and consistent disciples of the teaching of Christ … or must we prepare ourselves for a new form of persecution, promoted by homosexual activists, by their ideological accomplices, and even by those whose task it should be to defend the intellectual freedom of all, including Christians?”

Damn the gays and their bullshit agenda to gain the same rights as their hetero counterparts! I mean, Christians should have the intellectual freedom to discriminate against jews, umm, I mean gays without fear of being called antisemitic (sorry, I mean homophobic), am I right?

This whole thing makes me think about an article written by a young gay teen who warns of the psychological impact of being vilified and hated your whole life.

And all of you who don’t have to undergo this horror daily, it’s up to you to help. Don’t stand by and let hatred go on. Don’t sit back and watch your friends be discriminated against. Reach out and help those who might need it.

That article, by the way, was taken down by administrators at his school in Minnesota. You can’t have this kind of gay propaganda floating around the Internet! Why, it might just make suicidal teens think twice about blowing their heads off from all the pain, shame and isolation they feel. Better to let guys like Cardinal Biffi continue to “express” their intellectual freedom unhindered, right?

Or maybe all of this is a call to arms for the rest of us who allow pieces of shit like Biffi to spew his filthy hatred without consequence. Let’s defend our friends and loved ones who have to battle against these fuckfaces, shall we?

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    I swear, Christians are the epitome of childishness. This is the religious equivalent of an individual calling a child some deserved name and then having the child retort with “Nuh uh, you are!” It’s also very fox-news-ish.

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    I hate these Catholic fuckers more than anything in the universe.

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