War on swine reaches UK toy store

Toy store “Early Learning Center” in the UK has removed the plastic pigs in their children’s toy farm out of fear it might offend Jewish and Muslim parents. Of course, “Happyland” still contains the sty, complete with a button that makes an oinking sign when pressed. Talk about confusing!

Luckily, some people have their heads screwed on right (well, mostly):

Fellow Muslim mum Natasha added: “If you don’t want your kid playing with a pig toy, simply throw it in the bin. Other kids should not have to suffer.” Netmums’ founder Siobhan Freegard said: “Removing pigs from farm sets is like introducing ‘Baa Baa White Sheep’ and calling Christmas ‘The Winter Holiday.’ Please let common sense prevail.”

Sure, 1/5 of the world thinks these animals are unclean, but these same folks also feel the same way about dogs, shrimp, and certain kinds of birds, all because their ignorant make-believe books tell them so! Perhaps one day swine will not be such a mortal enemy that it’s left out of toy farms, but that day has not yet come. Until then, I say destroy the pink ones from the face of this earth!

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    if they took the plastic pig out why not taking the plastic cow too? After all, cows are considered a sacred animal for the hindus…seriously guys…I bet the jewish and muslim children won’t eat the plastic pig

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