TGA Podcast: Episode 113

Welcome back to another episode of your favorite audio crack. This week, Ryan and I ask you guys whether or not atheists need to get more organized, and we also talk about the lessons of the Milgram Experiments, and finally we discuss the rise in exorcisms! If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll love the fact every show now comes with embedded notes, with links to the stories we mention on the show. Just look at the ‘lyrics’ section to find out more! It’s another new serivice we offer, and it’s all thanks to the generosity of patrons who support the show.

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    There’s also the Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971. Brings out many of the same issues…

    30 min. video:


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    Anonymous Atheist

    Gmail tip: Set up filters for the Christian newsletters, based on their sender addresses. Use these filter actions:
    – Skip the Inbox
    – Mark as read
    – Delete it
    – Never mark it as important
    Works perfectly to eliminate repetitive emails you don’t want to see that aren’t considered spammy enough.

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    I think that the whole mentality of not banding together as atheists is silly. Indeed, religious people do a similar thing, however, we are not made into hypocrits by doing so. Mainly because of the fact that they band together and spread their message isn’t, in general, where our problems with them stand.

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    Would like to see the notes online, I refuse to use anything Apple related.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Just right click on the file and go to properties. You should see it in the details under “lyrics”

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    You know who else banded together and organised when they got sick of getting the shaft from the ‘man’? Women. Then black people. Then gay and lesbian people*.

    Organising and banding together is what PEOPLE do, period. When they’ve got a common goal or outlook. Religion somehow claiming organisation and structure as ‘their’ domain is like a dog pissing all over a couch and claiming it’s HIS couch because it smells like him.

    * Depending on what country you live in, your mileage may vary on this last one. I don’t envy the LGBT folks who live state-side. But if I was one, I’d totally go for Seth MacFarlane. He’s dreamy =)

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    Jerry Howell

    My selfish reason for atheist to “get organized”, at least on a local level is for community. As an ex-believer, i miss fellowship with like minded folks. Yea, even with those who don’t agree with my views 100%! I miss a support stucture when I need a helping hand or a pickme up! I think that is why I did stay in the church for the longest even after I lost my ability to choke down the sermons.


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